Our tag is festive world music and our signature is your broken dancing shoes and sweaty shirts.

We mix what is possible to mix, fuse what sounds good in fusion, however we never forget our roots. Technically said, we mix world rhythms (Orient, Balkan, Arica, Latin America,...) with various genres (funky, drum'n'bass, reggea, jazzygrooves,...) and top it all with traditional Slovak folklore.

foto of the band MARTIN HESKO

Tono Guth - cajon, surdo

Roman Kovács - congas, cowbell, darbuka

Jano "Boldy"  Boldiš - alto saxophone, bongas,

Jano "Kružlo" Kružliak ml. - violin, electronic effects, folkloric dance, vocal

Miloš "Bulči" Bulík - bass giutar with lots of cosmic electronic effects, sexy moves

Adam Kováčik - Timbales

Peter Kunzo - Keyboards

Mišo "Veslo" Veselský - piano, teremin, efects, traditional wooden flute (koncovka), vocal

Guest (here and there they come):

Ľuboš "Ežo" Ambrozai - drums, timbales

Viktor Schrámek - drums, traditional tall wooden flute (fujara)

Le Chocolat Show du Congo - exotic crew from Africa

Janko Lehotský jr. - bass guitar

MC Mila Mila